EPP Web Management System

TFyre IT EPP Interface

TFyreIT (PTY) LTD is a ZACR Accredited Registrar

TFyreIT has developed a highly scalable Web Management System which integrates with Uniforum CO.ZA’s EPP interface.

The main benefit of using the EPP system is that you do not have to wait 24 hours for updates.  DNS Servers updates are basically instantaneous!

This will provide you with a simple-to-use web site to manage your Contacts, Domains, DNS Servers and other CO.ZA Custom EPP Extensions.

The Web Management System was developed from scratch using the Symfony2 PHP Framework.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming accredited with Uniforum or if you need a system to manage your own domains.

Example Home Page:

Example Contact Page:

Example Domain Page: