• Server Configuration and Optimisation
  • Server and Network Upgrades
  • General IT Consulting and Advice
  • IT Network Design and Planning
  • IT Network and Security Assessments
  • Bulk SMS Interface Design (kannel)
  • DNS Services (Caching / GEO Based Solutions)
  • Network Routing (Least Cost Routing, Quality of service, automatic failover, multiple ADSL accounts etc)
  • Virtual Private Networking(VPN)
  • Interbranch Networking and Connectivity
  • Point to Point Wireless links and services
  • Firewall configuration
  • Virtualisation
  • Scripting for automated services
  • Voice over IP services for office use and Call Centres(FreePBX)
  • Automated Internet Backup solutions / Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Desktop Support Configuration
  • Proxy Configuration and Reporting
  • Active Directory Configuration and Support
  • Custom Windows Application Development


  • Custom Website Hosting
  • Advanced Website Development and Integration (automated payment gateways – sage Pay, debit order systems, ecommerce platforms, database integration – Symfony)